Can You Hit The Ball Twice In Pickleball?

Pickleball is a popular racquet sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis.In pickleball, you cannot hit the ball twice in a row. This means that after you hit it once, you must let it bounce or let your opponent hit it before you can hit it again.

Have you ever wondered, Can you hit the ball twice in pickleball? It’s a common question among players. The exciting world of pickleball rules to find out if you can make that double hit and explore the ins and outs of this unique sport’s regulations.

You cannot hit the ball twice in a row. This means that once you’ve hit the ball, it must bounce or be hit by your opponent before you can hit it again. It’s one of the fundamental rules that make pickleball fair and enjoyable for everyone.

The Basics of Pickleball Rules

The Basics of Pickleball Rules

Pickleball, like any sport, has a set of rules and regulations that govern gameplay. To answer the question of hitting the ball twice, we first need to understand these basic rules. In pickleball, each side of the court consists of a singles or doubles team. The game begins with a serve, which must be made diagonally cross-court. 

Players on both sides must let the ball bounce once before they can volley it. This rule is essential in understanding the possibility of hitting the ball twice.

Can You Hit the Ball Twice? 

One of the key aspects of pickleball is the double-hit rule. According to the official rules of the game, a player cannot hit the ball twice in succession. This means that after striking the ball, it must hit their paddle only once before it’s returned to the opponent’s side.

Exceptions to the Rule

While the general rule is clear, there are certain exceptions where it may appear that a player has hit the ball twice. These exceptions occur due to the quick and dynamic nature of pickleball:

Deflection: If the ball hits a player’s paddle and then unintentionally brushes against another part of their body or clothing, it does not count as a double-hit.

Jarring Impact: In some cases, the ball might hit the paddle’s edge or frame before a clean hit. This is also not considered a double-hit, as it’s challenging to control the ball’s precise impact point.

Reaction Time: Pickleball is a fast game, and players often react instinctively. If a player’s paddle unintentionally makes contact with the ball twice in rapid succession during a quick exchange, it may not be deemed a double-hit, as long as it wasn’t a deliberate attempt.

Simultaneous Hits: In doubles play, where two players are on each side, simultaneous hits can occur. If both players on a team make contact with the ball almost simultaneously, it’s not considered a double-hit.

Referees and Fair Play 

Referees and Fair Play

Pickleball is a sport that values honesty and fair play. In official competitions, referees are present to ensure that the rules are followed. If there is any doubt regarding a double-hit, the referee’s decision is final. Players are encouraged to maintain good sportsmanship and integrity while playing.

ActionIs it allowed in pickleball?
Hitting the ball once and passing it to your partner or opponentYes
Hitting the ball twice consecutivelyNo (Exception: If the ball hits your paddle or body, and then it hits your paddle again unintentionally, it’s allowed)
Letting the ball bounce on your side before hitting itYes (as long as it’s within the rules of the game)
Hitting the ball before it crosses the net into your sideNo (except when blocking a hard shot if both players are at the non-volley zone line)

Commonly Misunderstood Rules in Pickleball

One of the commonly misunderstood rules in pickleball is the question of whether you can hit the ball twice in a single turn. Many new players are unsure about this rule, but it’s essential to know that, generally, hitting the ball twice in a row is not allowed. Understanding this rule is crucial to enjoying the game and playing it correctly.

Double Hits on the Pickleball Court

Double hits on the pickleball court refer to the situation where a player accidentally hits the ball twice during their turn. This scenario can occur due to the fast-paced nature of the game. It’s important to note that while double hits are generally not allowed, there are exceptions, and it’s essential to play with honesty and good sportsmanship, ensuring fair play on the court.

Switching Hands and Two-Handed Shots on the Pickleball Court

There is an exception for two-handed shots, where you can use both hands to hit the ball in a single stroke, much like in tennis or table tennis. Just remember that consecutive hits with the same hand are not allowed, so switching hands or using both hands in a single stroke are your options to keep the game fair and within the rules.

Missed Shots on the Pickleball Court

In pickleball, it’s important to remember that you cannot hit the ball twice in a row, regardless of whether you missed your previous shot or not. Each player or team is allowed one attempt to return the ball over the net. If you miss your shot, your opponent gets the point, and the play continues from there.

 Reattempting to hit the ball after a miss with the same hand is considered a fault, so it’s crucial to be precise and strategic in your shots to avoid giving points away to your opponents in this fast-paced and exciting sport.

Cracked Pickleball on the Court

Cracked Pickleball on the Court

If a pickleball becomes cracked or damaged during play and it’s noticed by either player or a referee, the point is typically stopped, and the rally is replayed with a new, undamaged ball. The integrity of the ball is essential in pickleball to ensure fair play and maintain the quality of the game. 

You cannot hit the ball twice in a row with the same hand, any issues with the ball itself, such as it being cracked, are addressed promptly to ensure a fair and enjoyable game for all players involved.

Injury During a Rally on the Pickleball Court

The safety and well-being of the players are of utmost importance. Depending on the severity of the injury, the injured player may receive medical attention or take a break to recover. In some cases, if the injury is minor and the player can continue, the game may resume.

 The primary concern is always the health and safety of the individuals involved, and it takes precedence over the rules of the game, including the prohibition of hitting the ball twice in a row.

Equipment Problem on the Pickleball Court

The goal is to ensure that the game is fair and that equipment is in proper working order. Players can request a brief timeout to resolve the issue, which may involve fixing or replacing the equipment. 

Once the problem is resolved, the game can continue, following the standard rules of play. In such cases, the prohibition of hitting the ball twice in a row is still enforced once play resumes, ensuring a fair and competitive match for all participants.

Items on the Pickleball Court

To maintain a safe and fair game of pickleball, the court should be free of any items that could pose a hazard to players or disrupt the play. Common items that should not be on the pickleball court include debris, loose equipment, water bottles, or any personal belongings. 

These can interfere with gameplay and even cause accidents if players trip or stumble over them. In addition to not being able to hit the ball twice in a row, players are expected to ensure that the court remains clear of such items to ensure a smooth and enjoyable pickleball experience for everyone involved.

Plane of the Pickleball Net

In pickleball, the plane of the net plays a critical role in the rules of the game. When hitting the ball over the net, it must be struck above the net’s plane, meaning that the ball should cross the net without making contact with it. If the ball touches the net while crossing over to the opponent’s side, it’s considered a fault, and the point goes to the other team.

 Hitting the ball twice in a row with the same hand is also against the rules, so players must be aware of both the net’s position and the prohibition on double hits to maintain fair and competitive gameplay.

Distractions on the Pickleball Court

Distractions on the pickleball court can be a common challenge, especially when players are focused on the question of whether they can hit the ball twice during a rally. While it may seem tempting to keep the rally alive by hitting the ball a second time, it’s essential to remember that hitting the ball twice consecutively is generally not allowed in pickleball. 

The rules of the game typically require that each side takes turns hitting the ball over the net, maintaining fairness and sportsmanship. So, while it’s important to stay alert and focused, it’s equally crucial to adhere to the rules and maintain the integrity of the game, even when faced with distractions on the court.


Can you deliberately hit the ball twice in pickleball?

No, deliberately hitting the ball twice in pickleball is not allowed, and it would be considered a violation of the rules.

What happens if I accidentally hit the ball twice in pickleball?

Accidentally hitting the ball twice is not a violation as long as it was not an intentional act. It’s important to play with sportsmanship and call such instances honestly.

Is there any penalty for a double-hit in pickleball?

There is no specific penalty for a double-hit in pickleball. Instead, the point is awarded to the opposing team if the double-hit is detected and confirmed by a referee or players’ consensus.

Can a double-hit be called by the opposing team, or does it require a referee’s decision?

In pickleball, players are encouraged to be honest and self-officiate. If there is a dispute, players can discuss it among themselves and make a decision. Referees are mainly present in official tournaments and can make rulings in those settings.

Are there any strategies or techniques that involve hitting the ball twice in pickleball?

While hitting the ball twice is generally not a strategic move, players may employ creative techniques to control the ball. However, these techniques should not involve deliberate double-hitting.


In the world of pickleball, the answer to the question, Can you hit the ball twice? is a clear no, according to the official rules. The game values fair play and sportsmanship, and intentionally hitting the ball twice is considered a violation. However, there are exceptions and nuances that can make it seem like a double-hit, especially in the fast-paced exchanges that characterise pickleball.

As players enjoy this exciting racquet sport, they should strive to maintain the integrity of the game, call fouls honestly, and rely on referees when necessary. How to return a topspin serve in pickleball? Pickleball’s charm lies not just in its gameplay but also in the camaraderie and respect shared by those who play it.

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