How Much Do Pro Pickleball Players Make?

Pickleball, a sport that has gained immense popularity in recent years, is not just a fun backyard pastime anymore. It has grown into a competitive sport with professional athletes, tournaments, and dedicated followers. As the sport continues to expand, an important question arises: How much do pro pickleball players make?

Pickleball, often described as a combination of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, was invented in 1965 but remained a relatively obscure sport for many years. However, in the past decade, it has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity, particularly in the United States. The sport is now played in more than 6,000 locations nationwide, and the number of players is steadily growing.

One of the key factors driving the professionalisation of pickleball is the establishment of professional tournaments. Major events like the US Open Pickleball Championships and the USA Pickleball National Championships offer significant prize money. Pro players are able to compete at these tournaments, which have attracted large audiences and media attention, thus providing opportunities for athletes to earn substantial incomes.

Prize money in pickleball

Prize Money in Pro Pickleball Prize money in professional pickleball has increased considerably in recent years. The US Open Pickleball Championships, for instance, offered over $100,000 in total prize money for the professional events in recent years. The winners of these major tournaments can take home significant cash prizes, often exceeding $10,000.

However, it’s important to note that prize money in pickleball, while growing, is still relatively lower compared to well-established sports like tennis or golf. The top tennis players, for example, can earn millions of dollars in prize money in a single season. But as pickleball continues to grow and attract more sponsors and viewers, the prize money for pro players is expected to increase further.

Sponsorships and Endorsements

Like in many other sports, sponsorships and endorsements play a crucial role in the income of professional pickleball players. As the sport gains visibility, more companies are looking to associate their brands with successful players. Sponsorship deals can include cash payments, equipment contracts, and other perks.

These deals can be a significant source of income for pro pickleball players, especially the top-ranked and most marketable athletes. For example, a top player may secure sponsorships from paddle manufacturers, sportswear brands, and even pickleball-specific companies. These endorsements can provide a steady stream of income in addition to prize money from tournaments.

Teaching and Coaching

Teaching And Coaching

Many professional pickleball players also make money by offering lessons and coaching. Pickleball has a growing community of enthusiasts who are eager to improve their skills. Pro players can leverage their expertise to offer individual or group lessons, which can be a lucrative source of income. Coaching fees can vary widely depending on the player’s reputation, experience, and location.

Some pro players may even establish their own pickleball academies or coaching businesses, which can provide a stable income stream outside of tournament winnings.

Media and Content Creation

In the digital age, professional athletes can also generate income through media and content creation. Pro pickleball players can create content for social media platforms, YouTube, or specialized pickleball websites. This can include instructional videos, match highlights, and vlogs about their professional journey.

With a strong online presence and a dedicated fan base, pro players can monetize their content through advertising, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. This income source not only adds to their earnings but also contributes to the sport’s visibility and growth.

Merchandise Sales

Merchandise sales, including branded clothing, paddle designs, and accessories, are another potential source of income for professional pickleball players. Some players collaborate with companies to create signature products, which they promote to their fans and followers. A percentage of the sales revenue goes to the player, making this a lucrative option for those with a substantial fan base.

Factors Influencing Earnings

While there are multiple avenues for income in professional pickleball, the earnings of pro players can vary widely due to several factors:

 Skill and Ranking

 Players who consistently perform well in tournaments and have high national or international rankings tend to earn more, both in terms of prize money and sponsorships.


The ability to attract sponsors and endorsements is often linked to a player’s marketability. Factors such as personality, social media presence, and public image play a significant role in securing sponsorship deals.

 Tournament Success

 Winning major tournaments or consistently reaching the later stages can substantially increase a player’s earnings through prize money and bonuses.

 Sponsorship Agreements

The terms of sponsorship deals can vary widely. High-value contracts can significantly boost a player’s income.


 The cost of living and demand for pickleball coaching can vary by location, impacting the income earned from teaching and coaching.

 Popularity of the Sport

 As pickleball continues to grow and attract more fans, the income potential for pro players is expected to increase.

The Future of Pro Pickleball Earnings

The future of pro pickleball earnings looks promising. As the sport gains more recognition and mainstream media coverage, sponsorship opportunities and prize money are likely to increase. Here are a few factors that suggest a bright future for professional pickleball players:

 Increased Sponsorship

 As pickleball becomes more popular, companies seeking to reach its growing fan base will invest in sponsorships and endorsements.

 TV and Media Coverage

 Expanded media coverage, including televised events, will lead to increased prize money, as advertising revenue and viewership grow.

 Rising Participation

 With more people playing pickleball, the sport’s fan base and demand for coaching and instructional content will continue to expand.

 International Growth

The sport is gaining traction in other countries, opening up opportunities for players to compete on a global stage and attract a broader range of sponsors.

 Youth Development

 As youth pickleball programs grow, we may see the emergence of new stars who can attract younger audiences and expand the sport’s reach.


Professional pickleball is an exciting and rapidly evolving field that offers opportunities for athletes to earn income. You might be wondering, How much do pro pickleball players make? Well, their earnings come through a combination of tournament prize money, sponsorships, coaching, content creation, and merchandise sales.

However, the future of pro pickleball looks promising as the sport continues to grow and capture the attention of a larger audience. How Is Pickleball Different From Tennis? This not only benefits the athletes themselves but contributes to the overall growth and sustainability of the sport, ensuring that pickleball remains a lucrative pursuit for those with the talent and dedication to compete at the highest level.

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