How To Play 4 Square Pickleball?

Pickleball has become a global sensation, combining elements from tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Pickleball is already a blast with its fresh air, exciting rallies, and good times with friends. But have you heard about 4 square pickleball? It’s like a cool twist to your classic game, and here’s the best part – you can play it with more than 4 players. 

It’s perfect for bigger groups, making it an ideal game for your next community gathering, family party, or even in your pickleball league. Teachers, listen up – it’s also a fantastic game for your whole classroom. Easy to set up and with simple rules, we’re here to guide you on how to play using the Triumph 4 Square Pickleball Set.

The Information You Need to Play 4 Square Pickleball

The Information You Need to Play 4 Square Pickleball

If you’re in a rush, here’s the quick scoop on 4 Square Pickleball. It is super fun, especially for big groups or if you want a change from the usual pickleball game. I’ve tried it over 10 times, and the set still looks good – no wear and tear. 

Just a heads-up though: the wooden paddles in the set are okay for starters, but it’s better to use fiberglass or graphite ones. If you can, think about switching them out soon for a better game experience.

Is It Set A Good Value For Your Money?

If you’re wondering if this set gives you bang for your buck, the answer is yes. Not only can you play 4-square pickleball with it, but it also doubles up as a regular pickleball net. Considering portable pickleball nets can cost anywhere from $80 to $200, this set’s versatility makes it a great value. You get two games in one package, making it a smart choice for your money.

Setting Up The Court

Setting up the Triumph 4 Square Pickleball Set is a breeze. I recommend placing it on a driveway, court, or any other hard surface with ample space. For an added challenge, try setting up your court on the grass or sandy beach. The set boasts a straightforward interlocking frame design, making assembly, transformation, and breakdown a piece of cake.

Once your game is over, the entire set neatly fits into the included carrying bag. This convenient feature makes it effortless to transport in your car or take it along for a day at the beach, park, or family outing. Additionally, the net’s height can be adjusted, catering to different players. Lower it to as short as 28 inches for a fun game with the kids.

A noteworthy aspect is the set’s adaptability: the 4 square net effortlessly converts into a regular pickleball net if you fancy switching to a classic game. Use the provided chalk to mark the boundaries of each square, with half of the square already outlined by the net, simplifying the process. This Triumph 4 Square Pickleball Set truly offers a delightful combination of convenience, versatility, and fun for players of all ages.

Rules Of 4 Square Pickleball

Rules Of 4 Square Pickleball

Here are the following rules of 4 square pickleball. You must follow these rules while playing. 

  • Player Setup: Players stand in each of the four squares.
  • Additional Players: Extra players wait near the court, next to square one, and rotate in when someone is eliminated.
  • Serving: Player A in square four serves diagonally to Player B in square two.
  • Return: Player B can hit the ball to any player.
  • Ball Bounce: The ball can bounce only once in a square before being hit.
  • Elimination: If a player misses or hits the ball out, they are out and go to square one or the back of the line (for more than four players).
  • Rotation: The remaining players move up squares in a clockwise direction.

Things Included In Your Triumph 4 Square Pickleball Set

The Triumph 4 Square Pickleball Set has all you need to play:

  • 2 pickleballs.
  • 4 wood paddles.
  • A 20×20 net with a metal frame.
  • 2 chalk pieces for marking. Plus, it comes with a handy carrying case for easy storage after playing.

In addition, the set includes a handy carrying case that makes it simple to store your equipment between games.

In 4 Square Pickleball, how do you score points?

In 4 Square Pickleball, everyone starts at zero points. Points can only be scored in square four. If the ball goes out or someone misses, square four scores, unless it’s their mistake. Even if eliminated, players keep their points. Win by reaching 11 points, leading by two. On grass or beach, no bouncing is needed.

Tips For Playing 4 Square Pickleball  

Tips For Playing 4 Square Pickleball  

1. Know the Rules: Before diving into the game, make sure everyone understands the rules, especially which areas are considered “out.” This avoids confusion during play, preventing mid-game hiccups.

2. Mix Up Your Shots: Keep your opponents on their toes by not always relying on power shots. Experiment with different shots, including short and gentle dinks. The element of surprise can work to your advantage.

3. Collaborate for Fun: Enhance the enjoyment by working together to set up shots for each other. Cooperation is key, even in individual sports like 4 Square Pickleball. Teamwork adds an extra layer of fun to the game.

Strategies For Success

  • Mastering Movement
    Success in 4 Square Pickleball is all about agility. Quick footwork is crucial, so always stay light on your feet and be prepared to pivot swiftly between squares.
  • Strategic Serving
    A smart serve can make all the difference. Watch your opponents closely to spot their weaknesses. By tailoring your serves to exploit these weak points, you can gain a significant competitive advantage.
  • Adaptability
    Flexibility is key in any game. Stay adaptable and be ready to adjust your strategy based on your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. By staying versatile, you’ll be better equipped to tackle any challenges that come your way.

Advantages Of Playing Four Square Pickleball

Advantages of Four Square Pickleball
1. Innovative and Fun: Four square pickleball brings innovation to the traditional game, offering an enjoyable activity suitable for all ages.
2. Minimal Space Requirement: It doesn’t demand much space, making it accessible in various locations like driveways, parks, school playgrounds, parking lots, or basketball courts.
3. Simple Equipment: The game requires only four basic pickleball paddles, standard pickleball balls, a net, and a piece of chalk for marking, ensuring easy setup and accessibility.
4. Versatility: Players can engage in 4 square pickleball almost anywhere with a concrete surface, providing flexibility and convenience.
5. Strategic Gameplay: The game involves a plethora of strategies, keeping it interesting and engaging for players.

Disadvantages Of Playing Four Square Pickleball

Disadvantages of Four Square Pickleball
1. Limited Physical Activity: The game may not offer as much physical activity as some other sports, potentially limiting the cardiovascular benefits.
2. Dependency on Concrete Surfaces: The need for a concrete surface might restrict playability for those without easy access to such areas.

How Do You Win 4 Squares?

How Do You Win 4 Squares?

To win at 4 squares, the main goal is to stay in the game by not getting eliminated if you’re in one of the higher-numbered boxes. On the other hand, if you’re in a lower-numbered box, try to eliminate players from the higher boxes. The ultimate win comes when you’re the last person left in the box with the highest number.


Can you hit the ball before it bounces in 4 square?

The ball needs to bounce in the square of a different player, and before it bounces twice, they need to hit it to another player. If a player wants to, they can hit the ball before it bounces.

What is the most appropriate ball to use during four square?

The four square ball is an 8.5-inch rubber playground ball, often called a “kickball.” We prefer the Champion PG8.5 brand for its durable two-ply rubber and grippy texture, available in various colors.

What is not allowed in four square?

Letting the ball bounce around inside their own square more than once. striking a line or the ball as it leaves the squares. incorrectly hitting the ball by holding, catching, carrying, etc. playing out of turn or interfering with the game.

Where do you serve from in 4 square?

It is customary to serve the ball from four squares into one square. Deliveries of serves are always made from the rear corner of the square, which is also referred to as the “mailbox.” Four Square has to drop the ball, serve from the bounce, and call any special rules first.

What happens if a player hits the ball out of bounds in 4 square?

If the receiver hits the ball out of bounds, into her own square, or onto an inside court line, she may fault on the return. A second opportunity to serve is given to the receiver. There can only be one fault also known as “one bad” per server and recipient. But a player is eliminated if they make a mistake twice.

Final Thoughts

How To Play 4 Square Pickleball? 4 square pickleball provides a fun way to stay active with friends and family. With the essential kit ready, consider upgrading your paddles for a better game. In essence, it’s a mix of skill and strategy that offers excitement to players of all levels. So, gear up and enjoy the unique challenges of this dynamic sport.

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