What Is An ATP Shot In Pickleball?

Pickleball, a sport known for its unique combination of elements from tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, continues to evolve with new techniques and strategies. Among the terminologies that have become prominent in the world of pickleball is ATP. But what exactly is an ATP in pickleball, and how does it impact the game? In 

The term “ATP” intrigues both seasoned pickleball players and newcomers alike. It represents a shot that can be a game-changer on the court. Understanding the nuances of the ATP can be the key to enhancing your pickleball skills, winning more points, and elevating your overall gameplay.

In the fast-paced world of pickleball, where agility and intelligent shot selection are paramount, the ATP shot can be a game-defining element. a comprehensive understanding of what an ATP is, how it’s executed, and the strategic advantages it offers in pickleball, enhancing your ability to dominate the court.

What is an ATP in Pickleball? 

In pickleball, an ATP stands for “Around the Post.” It refers to a remarkable and advanced shot where a player hits the ball around the net post and lands it in the opponent’s court. This shot creates an incredibly acute angle that is challenging for the opponent to return. Executing an ATP showcases precision, finesse, and creativity, making it an exciting and dynamic element of the sport.

 Players often position themselves close to the net to execute this shot, requiring impeccable timing, hand-eye coordination, and a deep understanding of the court’s geometry. When used strategically, the ATP can catch opponents off guard, leading to winning points and enhancing the player’s overall performance on the pickleball court.

Execution of the ATP 

Execution of the ATP

The execution of the ATP (Around the Post) shot in pickleball is a fascinating display of skill and precision. To perform the ATP effectively, follow these steps:

Positioning: Start by positioning yourself close to the net on the side of the court. Being near the net is crucial to set up the perfect angle for the shot.

Ball Approach: Pay close attention to the ball’s trajectory as it approaches your side of the court. Anticipate the right moment to make your move.

Quick Movement: As the ball comes closer, swiftly move to the side to create the angle needed to go around the net post. This lateral movement is key to setting up the shot.

Swinging Motion: Execute a swinging motion with your paddle to hit the ball around the net post. The goal is to create a shot that curves around the post and lands in the opponent’s court.

Timing: Timing is critical when executing the ATP. A split-second delay can affect the accuracy and effectiveness of the shot. Practice and experience are essential for honing your timing.

Follow-Through: Focus on a smooth and precise follow-through to ensure the ball curves around the post precisely. The follow-through is vital for the shot’s accuracy.

When to Use the ATP 

Knowing when to use the ATP (Around the Post) shot in pickleball is crucial for its effectiveness. The ATP is not a shot to be attempted indiscriminately; instead, it should be used strategically in specific situations. 

Close to the Net: The ATP is best executed when you are positioned close to the net, near the non-volley zone (the kitchen). Being close to the net allows you to create the sharp angle needed for the shot.

Surprise Element: The primary advantage of the ATP is its element of surprise. Use it when your opponents least expect it. Timing is critical. Employ the ATP when your opponents are not anticipating the shot to catch them off guard.

Creating an Angle: The ATP is most effective when you have the opportunity to create an angle that is difficult for your opponent to return. Look for moments where the court positioning allows you to exploit this angle.

Changing the Pace: The ATP can be a game-changer. Use it to change the pace of the game or to gain a competitive edge when the circumstances align.

Advanced Tips for ATP Mastery 

Mastering the ATP (Around the Post) shot in pickleball is a challenging but rewarding endeavour. Here are some advanced tips to help you achieve mastery in executing the ATP with precision:

Footwork and Positioning: Work on your footwork to quickly get into the ideal position close to the net. Proper positioning is crucial for setting up the perfect angle for the ATP shot.

Court Awareness: Develop a keen sense of court awareness to recognize the right moments to attempt an ATP. Understanding the court’s geometry and your opponent’s positioning is essential for success.

Timing: Timing is everything in the ATP shot. Practice and refine your timing to ensure you strike the ball at the perfect moment to achieve the desired angle.

Follow-Through: Pay close attention to your follow-through. A smooth and precise follow-through is crucial for curving the ball around the net post accurately.

Practice and Dedication: Like any advanced shot in pickleball, mastering the ATP requires dedicated practice. Set aside time to work on this shot regularly to improve your ability and confidence.

Common Misconceptions 

Skilled players can execute the ATP with precision, and when used strategically, it can become a high-reward shot that surprises opponents and secures valuable points.

Only for Advanced Players 

Some may believe that the ATP is exclusively for advanced or expert pickleball players. While the ATP is indeed an advanced shot, it doesn’t mean that beginners or intermediate players should avoid practising and using it. With dedication and practice, players of all skill levels can work on incorporating the ATP into their game.

3. High Risk, Low Reward 

Misconception: Another misconception is that the ATP is a high-risk, low-reward shot, making it an impractical choice during matches. The effectiveness of the ATP largely depends on the player’s skill and its practice to master in ATP. Skilled players can turn it into a high-reward shot, catching opponents off guard and gaining a competitive advantage.

4. Predictable Shot 

Some might think that once an opponent recognizes that you can execute the ATP, it becomes a predictable shot. While the ATP should not be overused, its success lies in the element of surprise. Players who can mix in the ATP strategically can keep their opponents guessing, preventing predictability.

5. The ATP Shot Has a Fixed Origin 

There’s a misconception that the term ATP in pickleball has a specific documented origin or meaning. The term ATP simply stands for Around the Post, signifying the shot’s nature of curving around the net post . It’s a widely used term in the pickleball community to describe this specific shot.


How did the ATP shot get its name in pickleball?

The term “ATP” stands for “Around the Post,” signifying the shot’s nature of going around the net post.

Is the ATP shot legal in pickleball?

Yes, the ATP shot is legal in pickleball, as long as it follows the standard rules of the game.

Is the ATP shot recommended for beginners?

The ATP is an advanced shot and may be challenging for beginners. It’s advisable to practice and develop your skills before attempting it in games.

Who are some famous pickleball players known for their ATP shots?

Several top-level pickleball players have showcased their expertise in executing ATP shots, making them renowned for their precision and timing.

Can the ATP shot be consistently effective in high-level pickleball play?

While the ATP is challenging, top-level players have demonstrated its effectiveness in gaining a competitive edge when executed with precision and strategy.


The ATP, or “Around the Post,” shot in pickleball represents a pinnacle of skill and precision in this dynamic sport. It adds an element of surprise, excitement, and strategic advantage for those who have mastered it. While it’s considered an advanced manoeuvre, pickleball enthusiasts of all levels can appreciate the precision and finesse involved in executing an ATP.

 With practice and dedication, the ATP becomes a testament to the depth of skill and strategy that makes pickleball such a thrilling and engaging game to watch and play. In conclusion, the ATP shot, much like understanding what is a nasty nelson in pickleball? , is a testament to the versatility and dynamism of the sport, showcasing its constant evolution and the inventiveness of its players .

 Embrace the challenge, hone your skills, and master the art of the ATP to elevate your pickleball experience to new heights. Whether you’re an experienced pickleball enthusiast or a newcomer eager to take on a new challenge, the ATP shot is an intriguing aspect of the game that adds excitement, creativity, and strategic depth to your matches.

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