What Pickleball Paddles Do The Pros Use?

Pickleball, a dynamic and engaging sport, has witnessed a surge in popularity, leaving many curious about the equipment that the pros entrust with their success. Central to any player’s performance, the choice of pickleball paddles used by professionals is a subject of great fascination and learning. 

These elite athletes have reached the pinnacle of their game, and their choice of equipment goes far beyond personal preference.The answer to the question, “What pickleball paddles do the pros use?” unlocks a world of insights, strategies, and the pursuit of excellence in this rapidly growing sport.

In our exploration of the paddles favoured by professional pickleball players, it’s crucial to acknowledge the diversity in their choices. The professional pickleball landscape is as multifaceted as the sport itself, and our mission is to provide a comprehensive insight into the brands, models, and specifications that define it.

Deciphering the Pro Player Mindset

Professional pickleball players don’t take their choice of equipment lightly; it’s a reflection of their mindset and strategy.

Key Factors Influencing Pro Paddle Choices

The key factors influencing professional paddle choices in pickleball include playing style, the material of the paddle, and considerations related to weight and balance. Professional players meticulously tailor their paddle selections to align with their specific game strategies and personal preferences, making these factors critical in their decision-making process.

Playing Style

Paddle selection is a reflection of a player’s style. Aggressive players may lean towards paddles that provide power, while those favouring finesse opt for control-oriented models.

Material Matters

The material used in pickleball paddles is a critical decision point. Pros have the choice of graphite, composite, or wood, each offering distinct advantages in terms of performance and feel.

Weight and Balance

The weight and balance of a paddle have a significant impact on gameplay. Professional players meticulously fine-tune these aspects to align with their playing style.

Pro-Preferred Brands and Models

Pro-Preferred Brands and Models

The pros aren’t just grabbing any paddle; they have their go-to brands and models that have earned their trust through rigorous play.

Top Paddle Brands

In the world of pickleball, several top paddle brands have earned the trust of players, both professional and recreational. Brands like Selkirk, PaddleTek, and Engage are well-recognized for their quality, innovation, and a diverse range of paddles catering to different skill levels and playing styles.

Table: Top Paddle Brands in Pickleball

BrandKey Features
SelkirkQuality, innovation, diverse range
PaddleTekInnovative technology, wide selection
EngagePremium paddles, performance, control


Selkirk is a well-recognized brand in the professional pickleball arena, known for quality and a wide range of paddles to suit various styles.


PaddleTek is another favourite among the pros. They offer innovative technology and a diverse selection of paddles catering to players of different skill levels.


Engage stands out for its premium paddles and has won the trust of numerous professional players. Their paddles are celebrated for their performance and control.

Selkirk AMPED S2

This model is often the first choice for professional players due to its balanced blend of power and control. Its innovative design and high-quality construction make it a top contender.

PaddleTek Bantam EX-L

This paddle is favoured for its exceptional touch and control, making it an ideal choice for players who rely on precision and shot placement.

Engage Encore Pro

Known for its large sweet spot, the Engage Encore Pro offers both control and power, catering to the diverse needs of professional players.

Customizations and Modifications

Many professional pickleball players go beyond off-the-shelf options, personalising their paddles to align perfectly with their game.

Handle and Grip Modifications

Pros often adjust the size and grip type of their paddles to ensure a comfortable and secure hold, enhancing their control and manoeuvrability.

Surface Modifications

Some players opt for surface modifications, such as grip tape or texture adjustments, to enhance spin and ball control, giving them an edge on the court.

Weight Balancing

Fine-tuning the weight and balance of a paddle can significantly impact a player’s performance. Professionals may opt for paddle modifications to achieve the perfect feel.


Do professional pickleball players use the same paddles in every match?

Professional players may switch paddles based on factors like opponents, game conditions, and their current form.

What is the most popular material for professional pickleball paddles?

Graphite is a prevalent choice among pros due to its combination of power and control.

Can I buy the exact same pickleball paddle as my favourite pro player?

Yes, you can purchase the same brand and model, but customizations that pros make may not be readily available to the public.

How often do professional players change their paddles?

The frequency varies, but many pros change paddles when they feel the need for a different performance or when their current paddle wears out.

Are there any regulations on pickleball paddle modifications for professional players?

Yes, there are regulations that professional players must adhere to when modifying their paddles.


And just as the pros craft their success through precise paddle selection, the same level of consideration goes into painting a pickleball court. If you’re wondering, how much does it cost to paint a pickleball court? your journey of discovery continues. Whether it’s the choice of paddle or the court’s surface, every decision you make contributes to your growth in this exciting sport. So, equip yourself wisely, embrace your style, and elevate your game – both on and off the court.

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