What Pickleballs Do The Pros Use?

Pickleball, a fusion of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, has rapidly gained popularity. A key component of the game is the ball used, which varies significantly in terms of quality and performance.

Ever wonder, what pickleballs do the pros use? Just like choosing the best shoes for running, professionals pick special pickleballs that help them play better. These balls are not just any balls; they are carefully chosen for their perfect bounce and speed, making every game exciting and fun.

Understanding the choice of pickleballs by pros can give insights into quality and performance. This knowledge is not just beneficial for aspiring professionals but also for amateur players aiming to enhance their game.

Types of Pickleballs Used by Professionals

Professionals in pickleball tend to use balls that are specifically designed for high-level play. These balls are usually distinguished by their durability and consistent performance characteristics. They are manufactured to withstand the rigors of intense play and are often tested rigorously to ensure they meet the standards of professional tournaments. 

The balls used in professional circuits are typically chosen for their ability to provide a consistent bounce, withstand varied playing conditions, and maintain their shape and texture over time.

Characteristics of Professional-Grade Pickleballs

Characteristics of Professional-Grade Pickleballs

Professional-grade pickleballs are designed with specific characteristics in mind. They are typically made from harder plastic materials that ensure a consistent bounce and flight path. The size of the holes and the weight of the ball are meticulously calibrated to provide a balance between control and power.

 These balls are also designed to perform well in various weather conditions, particularly outdoor balls that need to withstand wind and temperature variations. The design and construction of these balls are focused on creating a consistent playing experience at the highest level of the sport.

Popular Brands Among Professionals

Certain brands are more popular among professional pickleball players due to their reputation for quality and performance. Brands like Onix, Franklin, and Dura Fast are often the choice of pros. These brands are known for producing balls that meet the rigorous standards of professional play. 

Onix balls, for instance, are praised for their durability and balanced performance, while Franklin balls are known for their visibility and consistent bounce. Dura Fast balls are popular in outdoor tournaments because of their ability to withstand rough playing surfaces and weather conditions.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Pickleballs

The type of pickleball used varies significantly between indoor and outdoor play. Outdoor balls are generally made of harder plastic, have smaller and fewer holes, and are designed to be wind-resistant. This makes them more suitable for the variable conditions of outdoor play.

 Indoor balls, on the other hand, are softer and have larger holes, which makes them better for the smoother and controlled environment of indoor courts. The difference in ball construction significantly affects how the game is played, with outdoor balls typically offering a faster, more aggressive game, while indoor balls allow for more control and precision.

Regulations Governing Professional Pickleballs

Regulations Governing Professional Pickleballs

The pickleballs used in professional play are subject to specific regulations set by governing bodies like the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA). These regulations stipulate the size, weight, bounce, and hardness of the balls. The standards ensure that the balls used in official tournaments provide a fair and consistent playing experience.

 They also dictate the color and design of the balls to ensure visibility and conformity to professional standards. These regulations are crucial in maintaining the integrity and standardization of the sport at the professional level. 

In summary, the choice of pickleballs by professional players is influenced by factors like durability, performance consistency, brand reputation, playing environment, and regulatory standards. 

Types of Pickleballs Used by ProfessionalsDiscusses the specific types of pickleballs preferred in professional play.
Characteristics of Professional-Grade PickleballsHighlights the material, design, and surface optimization of pro pickleballs.
Popular Brands Among ProfessionalsLists and explains the brands most favored by professional players.
Indoor vs. Outdoor PickleballsCompares the differences between balls used for indoor and outdoor play.
Regulations Governing Professional PickleballsDescribes the rules and standards set for professional pickleball equipment.


Do pros use different balls for training and matches? 

Yes, professionals may use different balls for training and official matches, often choosing the most durable options for practice.

What makes pickleball suitable for professional play? 

A pickleball is suitable for professional play if it meets official size, weight, and bounce standards, and offers consistent performance.

Are there specific brands that most professionals prefer? 

Professionals often prefer brands known for quality, such as Onix, Franklin, and Dura.

How do indoor and outdoor pickleballs differ? 

Indoor pickleballs are softer and have larger holes, while outdoor balls are harder with smaller holes to suit different playing environments.

Can amateur players buy the same balls used by professionals? 

Yes, amateur players can purchase professional-grade pickleballs from sports equipment stores or online retailers.


Understanding, What pickleballs do the pros use? reveals much about the standards of excellence in pickleball equipment. Professional players choose balls that offer a balance of durability, consistent bounce, and optimal performance, tailored to their playing environment, whether indoor or outdoor. Brands like Franklin and Dura are favored for their quality, ensuring that the balls withstand the demands of high-level play. 

The choice between indoor and outdoor balls further demonstrates the adaptability and precision required in professional play. Regulations set by governing bodies ensure that the balls used in professional circuits meet strict criteria, maintaining the integrity of the sport.

One important aspect to consider when choosing equipment is, How to determine pickleball paddle grip size? Understanding this crucial detail can make a significant difference in your game and overall enjoyment of pickleball.

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